The sewing wishlist

If you love to make your own clothes, you should know that there are always certain kind of clothes you like to make. I love to make dresses, but in real life you need trousers and blouses too!

This will be the challenge: Try to make one piece of everything in my wardrobe. I will write about this process, even when it’s not nice or it failed. Maybe you can help me out in these situations.

I found a great list with wardrobe essentials. Some are harder than others, but it’s good to have some variation. This is where I will be working at:

– wool sweater
– cashmere cardigan
– cotton cardigan
– long sleeved tee
– striped boatneck
– silk blouse
– plaid blouse
– dressy tank
– short sleeved cotton shirt
– a ’wear with everything‘ blazer

– jeans
– skinny
– black cigarette pants

Skirts and dresses:
– little black dress
– summer dress
– shirt dress
– mod dress
– A-line skirt
– circle skirt
– pencil skirt
– denim casual skirt
– birthday dress

– wool coat
– trench coat
– denim jacket

– bra
– panties
– socks
– leggings
– pajamas
– silk scarf
– shawl
– a handback

I hope this list takes care that I will have a lot of beautiful essentials in my coset. Probably you will see more dresses and less pants. It’s hard to stick to lists, but it’s a good start.