bright blue (un)comfortable dress

I made this dress especially for our holiday in Florida, but couldn’t wear it, because it was to could. Yes really, It was to cold to wear short dresses. I didn’t expect it. But after all it was not that bad. While making these pictures I felt very concious about my figure. I usually wear dresses that are less fitted.

My Sewing Wishist

The Good
I love the colour and the a-symmetrical style of the dress, It doesn’t take a lot of room when you’re packing. Christina from Mad Men Is showing her wiggle dresses off. Maybe I should do that too! If I walk around with a lot of confidence, this dress would look great!

My Sewing Wishist

The Bad
Usually I know when a dress looks good on me and is flattering. After seeing myself with this dress on, I expected it would fit differently.  I thought that it would accentuate my  waist more and balance out my hips. In the end it’s very figure hugging and shows your real proportions even more. If you like this look, start making it right away. I had a lot of fun putting this dress together.

My Sewing Wishist

The Changes
Burda patterns tend to be a little wide at my shoulders and bust. So even when I make it a size smaller at the top, I still have to cut 2 cm above the bust. The little sleeves where to wide and not puffy at all. I made an extra fold in the sleeve. The last standard change I made was cutting 8 cm from the hem.
If I would make it a second time, I would shorten it 2 cm at the waist. I think the proportions would be better and using crinkle free fabric.

Fabric: cotton with a little bit stretch from Eeke Anne’s Mother
Pattern: BurdaStyle puff sleeve dress 07/2012
First worn: February 2014
Wear again? I am not sure…
Total Cost: < €5