grainline travel blouse


I always try to make some clothes when we go on holiday. Because we like to travel, we visit a lot of places that have a totally different climate. This time we decided to go to Miami and travel to New Orleans. It was a nice road trip and loved to see the little southern towns, the lovely vibe of New Orleans, the empty beaches at the gulf coast and the mid-century architecture of Miami. We’ll be back!


The weather could be warm enough for shorts and T-shirt and cold enough for a leather coat, sweaters and a big scarf.  I love to pack light, that’s why I choose to make the grainline blouse in light cotton, it was comfortable and I love the colour. Unfortunately I’ve got the feeling the blouse is shrinking every time It goes in the washing machine. But it was a very cheap fabric.


It took some time to make this blouse. It is the first one I made. The first time I made it, I cut it wrong. So I had to make it a second time and it worked.

Next time I would make the cuffs narrower, they are a little bit wide for my wrists and make the shirt 5 cm longer, this length looks better on trousers. I hope it will be warmer soon, so I can wear this blouse more.

Fabric: cotton  (poplin)
Pattern: Grainline Archer
First worn: January 2014
Wear again? I am waiting for better weather…
Total Cost: < €5