Favourite patterns of february

With all the favourites post on a row it looks like I am not sewing anymore. Sometimes I have months I am not sewing, but this time we where on holiday to florida. We made a roadtrip to New Orleans. What a great city.
I made some clothes for this trip. I’ll show them the next weeks. Unfortunately it was to cold to wear one of the dresses I made. The magazines were quite boring. Although Burda had a few nice patterns and some I really can’t pull off with my figure.


At the moment I love Raglan sleeves, sporty and fun at the same time. This dress has them too, I think this dress is easy to wear. The pleats in the skirt are a nice addition to the bodice. I’m not sure witch fabric I can use for this…


Should this be my birthday dress or the other dress? I bought a great fabric at jo-anns for this pattern. Love the buttons and the band in the waist. I think it’s a nice winter dress.


Cool jacket, nice waist. This will look good on me. But I’ve got a lot of patterns for jackets and need to finish my winter coat first.



Mix and Mtch, fun, with the right fabric it could be a really fun and easy to wear  dress. Unfortunately it’s not for sale online.


I like the fabrics of the bags. Ikat is hard to get in the Netherlands. The grey bag is fun, like the bow as a closing. But I have to make the cooper bag first.


This is a basic skirt, another one. Not a reason to buy the Knipmode, but nice enough to keep in mind.
Hopefully is next month a better month.