Favourites of January

December was a great month with a lot of nice patterns. I hoped to see some nice patterns, but not every month can be a great pattern month.
Eventhough I found some nice things. Here are the favourites of January.



I like this dress, simple elegant, the fabric and the color are not the way I like it, but it has potential.


Unfortunately this picture is badly photoshopped. I know that it is normal to Photoshop with fashion photography. But please Burda. If you use Photoshop, do it in a way the model looks better.  Can you see the differences on the pictures? She lost 5 pounds on the second one and her breasts have very unnatural shadows and shape. I find it kind of weird that in a community where it is about making clothes that fit, you have to look at heavily photoshopped pictures of woman with the ‘ideal’ size.


I like stripes, but I don’t like the fabric. I could make it, but how? I didn’t found a great way to make it.


This is a great biker jacket, classic, but with techniques I have seen on other places, like the quilting. Love to know what others will do with the pattern.

I am not the target group of this magazine and sometimes that is very clear, like the January issue.
But I found some patterns with potential. The magazine is filled with a lot of basic patterns. It’s good to have them.


It’s a nice basic skirt with a twist. And I think it’s very comfortable, because of the fabic. I wouldn’t buy this magazine for the pattern, but I think I would borrow it from my mum to make it.


This looks like a comfortable skirt too! But I am scared it looks very conservative on me. But it has potential and with the right fabric choice It could look great. Maybe a completely black or grey one with neon zippers. hmmm….

At the moment I have enough projects including a winter coat. That will keep me busy for a wile.