Organising my fabric stash

Do you have a lot more fabric than you use? I do, I love to buy fabric and fantasise what to do with it. If I don’t buy fabric with a purpose, it usually lies around for a long time, sometimes even years.

Clear out old fabric
Because we don’t have much storage space, I do all of my fabrics, notions and scraps in four transparent boxes and a large cane basket that I use as nightstand. Last week my stash was all over our bedroom and decided to clean up.
I have thrown away my three-year-old synthetic ugly fabric, organised everything into scraps, muslin fabric, short-term project fabric, long-term (summer fabrics) projects and notions. It’s taking so much less room.


My current stash has:
32 pieces of fabric between one and three metres
20 summer fabrics
12 winter fabrics

Visualise the stash
To keep me from buying, I use a binder with a small piece of fabric with the info how much I have for it. Because I found nice coloured tabs, I decided to organise them per colour.
I found some nice combinations already!

Buy new fabric
I love to buy new fabric, but I promised myself only to buy new fabric when I really need it. For example, I wear black simple shirts all the time in winter. The ones I have are worn out, so it’s time for new ones. The next pattern coming up is the Refnew from Sewaholic.