my first red skinny


The hardest thing I tried to sew are pants. I am a real pear-shaped girl and need a lot of alterations on pants. I tried a lot of pants but it stayed complicated wich pattern to use and how to change it to my figure. After trying and throwing away a lot of muslins I decided in the end to rip a well-worn skinny apart and use it as a pattern. I made it with fabric with a similar stretch in it. It was in my stash for years. It went well, better than any other pants I’ve ever made. There was only one problem. It was still to wide at the waist.

In the end I am very proud I finally made wearable pants. I am still not totally satisfied with the zipper, but It will be better next time.

Fabric: red stretch denim
Pattern: traced skinny from COS
First worn: oktober 2013
Wear again? YES!
Total Cost: < €20,-