bright blue (un)comfortable dress

I made this dress especially for our holiday in Florida, but couldn’t wear it, because it was to could. Yes really, It was to cold to wear short dresses. I didn’t expect it.… Continue reading

grainline travel blouse

I always try to make some clothes when we go on holiday. Because we like to travel, we visit a lot of places that have a totally different climate. This time we decided… Continue reading

Fan of Named Patterns

Wow I am a fan. A fan of Named patterns. They are gorgeous.  They are simple, have beautiful details and I could not have designed these patterns. And that’s a good thing, it’s… Continue reading

Favourite patterns of february

With all the favourites post on a row it looks like I am not sewing anymore. Sometimes I have months I am not sewing, but this time we where on holiday to florida.… Continue reading

Favourites of January

December was a great month with a lot of nice patterns. I hoped to see some nice patterns, but not every month can be a great pattern month. Eventhough I found some nice… Continue reading

Favourite buttondown dress

This dress is by far my favourite of 2013. I made it for a wedding. It was the perfect dress for the occasion. We camped with al their friends in the backyard of… Continue reading

vintage fabric circle skirt

I bought this fabric a few months ago. The deal was a lot of vintage fabric for a good price, but I had to show the result. It took some time to show… Continue reading

Love love love patterns #December issue

Do you love reading sewing blogs and buying pattern magazines as much as I do? I love to watch the clothes and dream about how I would make it. It’s a big part… Continue reading

Organising my fabric stash

Do you have a lot more fabric than you use? I do, I love to buy fabric and fantasise what to do with it. If I don’t buy fabric with a purpose, it… Continue reading

purple wool tie skirt

Last winter, my mom, sister and I went fabric shopping. My mom and I love to make clothes, my sister loves to wear them. When we walked by this fabric, my sister and… Continue reading